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We have searched and posted for you websites about folk-saints on the web. It includes folk saints celebrated by Latinos world wide. We will keep searching and posting them for you here. These links are for educational use only. We do not promote them or are associated with them unless other wise noted. 

Virgin de Guadalupe

La Virgin de Guadalupe
This site is a great site for a visit!

La Basilica Virtual
"Página a la devoción tributada por los fieles católicos a Santa María Virgen de Guadalupe, aparecida según la tradición entre el 9 y el 12 de diciembre de 1531 en La Villa del mismo nombre en el Cerro del Tepeyac, al norte de la Ciudad de México."

Translation: "This page was built in homage to the devotion of catholics to Santa Maria Virgen de Guadalupe, who, according the tradition, appeared in December 12, 1531 at Cerro del Tepeyac, in Northern Mexico City."

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Site by Luis Demois and supported by Mexico Connect.

La Virgen de Guadalupe
This page talks about the symbolism of the image. Via UT-Panam.

Pages with Photos of La Virgen de Guadalupe

VFest: BordQuest Virgin of Guadalupe
This page features different interpretations of La Virgencita.

Penitent, Shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico City, Mexico
This page features two photos of penitentes at the Basilica. By: Carlos Pereyra

Articles discussing/concerning topics
of La Virgen de Guadalupe

Virtual Virgin: Guadalupe, via cyberspace, returns to save the world
By: Sam Quiñones, via SALON Daily Clicks: Newsreal

Virgin of Guadalupe's image appearing on tattoos, protest signs
By: Mary Lee Grant Via the Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Other Virgins


This is a page via Mexico Connect that lists links to other virgins on the net. The page contains a few nice pictures.


Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Messages of Our Lady 

This page has links to other virgins.

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

This page discusses well-known appearances of the Virgin Mary. By: Albert A. Caprio, O.P.


El Niño Fidencio



El Niño Fidencio Research Project

The ultimate source for all things of El Niño Fidencio!

Dore Gardner's Photo Exhibition
This site contains plenty of photos of Gardner's work. The site is in English & Spanish.

Pancho Villa

Information on Pancho Villa
A personal homepage with info. (This may take a bit, but it's worth it!)

Pancho Villa 1878-1923
This page has a short synopsis of his life and links to some other articles on the web.

Pancho Villa Homepage
This is very nice site with plenty of information.

Biography Project: Pancho Villa
A good site with plenty of info.

In Pursuit of Pancho Villa 1916-1917
A lengthy discussion on the pursuit of this legendary hero. By: Joe Griffith

Corridos Dedicated to Pancho Villa

Corrido de Pancho Villa

Documentary Films about Pancho Villa

The Hunt for Pancho Villa

This is a documentary film about Pancho Villa's attack on the town of Columbus, New Mexico.

Don Pedrito Jaramillo

The Don Pedrito Jaramillo Shrine
Located in Falfurrias, Texas and currently on the net!

Info on Don Pedrito Jaramillo
Author is not listed only plenty of basic info about the folk healer.

Don Pedrito Jaramillo
A page by Dr. Eliseo Torres.

Photos of Don Pedrito Jaramillo's Shrine
From the site "Santitos y Santones" by Canal Once.

   Juan Soldado

Folk saint for Mexicans who cross border: Executed soldier is hero to downtrodden
An article available on-line from zermeno.com

Portable Chapel Juan Soldado
A special on-line project that is bilingual.

El Culto Tijuanense a Juan Soldado, Investigacion en curso con apoyo del PACMyc.
Written by: Juan Islas (Spanish Only)

La Religiosidad Popular en Tijuana: La Devoción a Juan Soldado.
Written by: Mtro. David Ungerleider Kepler Director General Planeación y Desarrollo U. Iberoamericana-Noroeste (Spanish Only)

Maximon/San Simon 

Maximon - The First On-line Shrine

This page has the basics on Maximon and a nice altar. 

Jesus Malverde

El Sinaloense @ MIT

A website by an MIT student that focuses on Jesus Malverde and related topics. 

Jose Gregorio Hernandez

Photo used with permission from Henry Torralvo.

La Pagina del Doctor Jose Gregorio Hernandez
A site created by Henry Torralvo with extensive information. (Spanish only)

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